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About TTN

Welcome to True Tofino News where we attempt to find the truth in news. Most media is skewed to business, progress, development and the right – some blatantly, others so subtlety that you may not even notice.

We are locals with an interest in maintaining the natural environment of this amazing west coast.

This is not a feel good community website, there are plenty of those around.

This is a muckraker site.

Let’s remember why we live here and why people visit – nature. Let’s work to hang on to what we have now instead of ruining it more, we can’t make it better, but let’s clean up our mess and not f*ck this up totally.

Just one more thing, as the great Jobs would say, we are part of this planet – socially, environmentally and politically – so sometimes we will include information we think is important to our existence.


‘We like your site, but it doesn’t seem very current.
Are you still doing this site, ‘cuz we think it’s great.’

Thanks for the above kind words.
Yeah, sorry about that – we got sidetracked just trying to make ends meet in Tofino.
We are back! and have scheduled daily meetings at 4:20.

Send Us Your Ideas/Tip/Comments – Anonymous emails welcome – Our Lips Are Sealed

We read them all and will follow up asap. Use the feedback comments section at the bottom of the pages or email us

Oh Mainstream – You are Such Kidders!

Hey Grant Warkentin, Communications (Trust Me I'm Lying) Officer is it April 1 already? Mainstream,

Quebec Columbia – Please Let Us Join Your Country

Vote Marois for BC Premier We love you Quebec and we want to be a part of your country. Say what you

Tofino Wolf Kill Covered Up? Mayor Wants People to Stop ‘Flooding my email inbox’

Why have there been no charges filed over the Tofino Wolf Kill? It's been half a year and it's under

TOXIC Tofino Industrial Park

Immediate attention and intervention is in need In the Tofino industrial park there is a place where

Fish Farms Deadly IHN Virus

Weren't we assured it would never happen? but... Infectious haematopoietic necrosis (IHN) a deadly v

Adrian Dorst – Tofino Wolf Killings

This letter was written by a man everyone in Tofino reveres, Adrian Dorst - well-known photographer

Stop Smart(?) Meters in Tofino and Ucluelet

Stop Smart Meters from being Installed On Your Property in Tofino and Ucluelet or anywhere in BC If

Hey CBC It’s a Tofino People Problem Not a Wolf Problem

Shame on You CBC for Typical Sensational Media-Speak CBC is falling into a typical mainstream media

Who Killed the Tofino Wolves Petition

Sign the Who Killed the Wild Tofino Wolves Petition Why This Is Important Tofino is a community on t

Tofino Wolves – A Second Shooter?

Looks like it's 4 dead wolves and 3 shooters. Will Tofino law enforcement follow up on their referra

Who Killed The Tofino Wolves

If you live in Tofino you probably know already who actually shot the Tofino wolves. The person isn'

Bill C-60 – Are You With Child Pornographers or The Gov’t?

Online surveillance bill critics are siding with ‘child pornographers’: Vic Toews “We are pro

Banksy: “Any advert in a public space that gives you no choice whether you see it or not is yours.”

“People are taking the piss out of you everyday. They butt into your life, take a cheap shot at yo

Bill C-309 – Welcome to the Cdn Police State

Better not wear that Anonymous mask to any unlawful assembly or you could be looking at 5 years. Of

Anonymous – Scotland Yard/FBI Call

Anonymous releases conference call of Scotland Yard and FBI discussing operations against the collec

Oolichan Oil Not Alberta Oil

  Poster by Roy Henry Vickers- you've heard of him right - we don't have to mention brilliant a

Stealing Garbage Cans – Really?

Is stealing garbage cans a unique hobby for Tofino? What is it that people steal recycling and garba

You’re Right to Hate Fish Farms

And here are the links to prove it! Why are these killer farms on Tofino, Clayoquot Sound waters - d

Adrian Dorst & US Homeland Security

Can anyone in their right mind see Adrian Dorst as anything other than a peaceful human being? But o

Wild Salmon First

Another site to check out With page names like Fish Farmageddon 

We’re Back from SOPA Strike Blackout

TTN participated in the SOPA Internet Blackout today. Websites around the world went black for 12 ho

TTN Supports SOPA Strike January 18, 2012

On January 18, 2012 the internet is going on strike to stop the web censorship bills. Now is our mom

SOPA & Canada

Why should Canadians care? A Canadian version of SOPA would come next. We’ve seen it before. Bill

Tofino MUP Dangerous in Snow

Hey District of Tofino, do any of you use the MUP/Bike Path to commute? With this snow the MUP (Mult

Donate to Wild Salmon and Don Staniford

Support Don Staniford in this court case brought by the Norwegian Mainstream fish farming corporatio

Don Staniford Court Case Begins

The court case that Corporate Mainstream Canada has brought against environmentalist Don Staniford b

Occupy Wild Salmon

Check out this link Occupy Wild Salmon This content has been taken fro

SOPA/PIPA Coming to the US? And Canada soon!

Think that SOPA/PIPA won't affect you? Think that if you're not doing anything wrong, everything wil

Don Staniford – Secrets of Fish Farming

And the Secrets Are Dirty We hate Fish Farms (hey it’s TTN, we have to begin with something ne

Colbert Report & Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

As usual Colbert has his finger in the pie, whoops we mean on the pulse. On the Cobert Platinum Gree

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort puts the Commercial into Strathcona Park

With a Lot of Help from BC Parks Strathcona Park Commercial Usage by Clayoquot Wilderness Resort Upd

Life in Reverse – Canadian Surfers

The journey of two young Canadians who travel from Edmonton to Central America in an attempt to buil

rip off at the Net restaurant

September 12, 2011 I am a tourist from Alberta. My wife and I visit Tofino every year. This will no

Welcome to the New TTN Website

We’ve been working hard to afford to live in this great town and now we’re back with our

Naturally Raised Canadian Chinook Salmon Really!?

Have you seen the latest online ads from a farmed fish company? Yup, it's official, farmed fish is -


Someone's been busy printing up bumper stickers. And we have to say we totally agree with them. We f


Respect Tip #1 - Beaches When you take a walk on the beach pick up one piece of garbage. If we all p

Idling? – Just don’t do it

Idle for 4 seconds? Turn It Off! Think about it - you're making a quick stop in at the laundry or th

Hey Warriors!

Saw your mess on the North Chesterman Bulletin board scrawled over the map information. Also saw it

No Traffic Circle But How About Low Flush Toilets?

  We think it's a great idea to spruce up the entrance to The Wick with a handy dandy traffic c

Fish Farm Challenge to All Media

Citizens, shops and restaurants are doing their part in public awareness of the dangers of fish farm

Tourism Tofino Hates Bikes! Tofino Chamber Hates the MUP!

Yes, it's true, Tourism Tofino or The Tofino Chamber or whatever it's called doesn't want you to bik

Tofino Tourism Hates the MUP – Pedal by Pedal Photos

What's this? The end of the Tofino Bike Path? No, just the Tourism Tofino/Tofino Chamber making you

Copper Mine in Clayoquot Sound Update

Let the exploratory games begin! Congratulations to Selkirk Mining and The Tofino Council for the ex

Tourism Tofino Has Spent $60,000+ a Website?

And That Money Has Gone Right Out of The Community? We're hearing $60,000+ to start and then big chu

Hey Miners! Leave Clayoquot Alone!

Will the Chemical Suit shown here soon replace the familiar orange whale watching suits on tourists

How Much Did Tourism Tofino Spend on a Website?

OMG - We're hearing +60,000 to start and then big chunks that have followed. There are some wild num

Logging in Clayoquot Sound

This information about Clayoquot Sound logging was sent to us by a reader. Thank you very much for k

Calling Moses Martin!

Re: Letter to the Editor - The Westerly News published Thursday August 2, 2007 Interesting letter. P

51 Sea Lions Drown in Fish Farm Nets

By now you would have to be dead yourself not to have heard about the latest drowning of 51 Sea Lion

Voluntary Ban on Plastic Bags – Yawn

What the heck is that - a voluntary ban? Congratulations Tofino council for using doublespeak at its

Bye Bye BC Open Net Fish Farming?

Hope springs from the darndest places - a government report -can you believe it? The BC Committee re

Strathcona Park Needs You!

And You Need It. An application has been made by the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort (at the head of Bed


2 thoughts on “About TTN

  1. Great web-site. How do I find more details of the brains behind it?

    Best fishes,


    • avatar TTN says:

      Hi Don, Thanks for dropping a line. Due to the gigs we have here in Tofino, we have to swim below the surface. Love what you’re doing and we are happy to help get the word out and support anyway we can. Very interested in the court case: would be great to publish the transcripts but we can’t find out how to access those. If you’d like them out there – we’ve got the bandwidth and would love to make it all accessible. Drop us an email anytime to Take care Don.

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