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TOXIC Tofino Industrial Park

September 10, 2012 in Cars, Enviromental Action, Tofino Council, Tofino Industrial Park

Immediate attention and intervention is in need In the Tofino industrial park there is a place where they crush cars. The cars are crushed without draining the toxic liquids of the reservoirs. There are puddles of antifreeze, oil and gas all around the area. I live in the area and I know there are dogs, cats, bears, eagles, mice, ravens, wolves and kids roaming the area. There is no gate, anyone has access to the area without surveillance after business hours. The whole thing stinks negligence Read more [...]


November 12, 2011 in Bumperstickers, Surfing

Someone's been busy printing up bumper stickers. And we have to say we totally agree with them. We feel that the 10 or so surf kayakers that come to Tofino every year have no place in our water. It's much too crowded. Just head out to the beaches and you'll see that there is not an inch left for a kayaker. Only surfboards should be allowed and we're not even sure if there's enough room for the trendy paddle boards - have you seen them? they are huge! - and we need all the space for real surfboards. Read more [...]

Idling? – Just don’t do it

September 9, 2011 in Cars, Environment

Idle for 4 seconds? Turn It Off! Think about it - you're making a quick stop in at the laundry or the surf shop or the market just for a second to pick up ________. You leave your vehicle running because it's just a second. Well, if that's you, and you know who you are, count to 6 as you're doing that errand because after that you're polluting the earth for no reason whatsoever. (1) But I'm using bio-diesel so I'm not polluting when I idle my vehicle. Think again. Just because you're using bio-diesel Read more [...]

Tourism Tofino Hates Bikes! Tofino Chamber Hates the MUP!

March 22, 2009 in Cars, Environment, MUP, Tourism Tofino

Yes, it's true, Tourism Tofino or The Tofino Chamber or whatever it's called doesn't want you to bike past them on Tofino's bike path. How do we know this - well, we are bikers (pedal-bikers not the other kind) and when we ride out the MUP to Cox Beach or beyond a funny thing happens at the Tourism Tofino/Tofino Chamber office. At the Tourism Tofino/Tofino Chamber office grounds, the MUP bike path ends in boulders on the path and loose gravel and then continues after the office grounds. When you Read more [...]

Tofino Tourism Hates the MUP – Pedal by Pedal Photos

March 21, 2009 in Cars, MUP, Tourism Tofino

What's this? The end of the Tofino Bike Path? No, just the Tourism Tofino/Tofino Chamber making you think so. But I want to go beyond the Tourism Tofino/Tofino Chamber land. What do I do? Well, first weave between the two boulders they have set up for your safety. nudge nudge, wink wink Hang on to your handlebars because the pavement ends and turns into loose gravel. Make sure to watch for cars, motor homes and truck traffic because they have no signs saying watch out for you! See Martha, Read more [...]